the hippest hipsters

I'm fascinated by people’s decisions on the way they present themselves to the world. I think “Oh wow, I wouldn't have thought to buy that” or “I never would have gotten that tattooed on my neck” or “I wish I could pull off a sequin belt.” I admire these people. People are so different from me and I love it. Below, I’ve tried to capture the essence some of these colorful birds I've seen around Portland.

Side note: I know some people consider the term hipster to be somewhat derogatory. I don’t. To me it’s generally come to mean a style sensibility — you know, skinny jeans and vintage filament light bulbs — though to some it indicates an attitude of superiority based on silly things, like knowledge of bands before they became popular. Freud called this the narcissism of minor differences: ‘the need to distinguish oneself by minute shadings and to insist, with outsized militancy, on the importance of those shadings.’ Link. But really this is just normal human behavior seen in many groups. Link. Anyway, all this to say … no offense to any closet hipsters out there. Some people I know might think of me as a hipster and I’m totes cool with that.