potty language

Warning: this post contains potty language that is unsuitable for nieces named Amélie. The rest of you depraved folks, please read on.

The New York Times Magazine put out an article with 25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music is Going. It looked like a lot of fun to create the doodle lettering so I decided to give it a try. And since silly words are just more fun …

1. to confuse or fluster.
“I am truly bumfuzzled by whatever this is on my ass.”

1. a jail or prison.
”When the farmer noticed the lost bovine, he piped up and said to the others 'Hoosegow is this?'“

1. a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves toward another (as in coin, loud, and side).
“This diphthong is really bunching up on me.”

1. a cask on shipboard to contain freshwater for a day’s use
2. rumor, gossip
“Word on the street is Timmy can’t do the Stanky Leg or the Dougie but absolutely slays the Scuttlebutt.”

1. stomach pain or queasiness.
“Lassie swerved all over the place due to a severe case of the collywobbles.”

1. a slangwhanger is a loud, abusive speaker or an obnoxiously offensive writer; normally a politician or editor.
“Ugh! Kids these days with their slam-dancing and their slangwhanging!”