making this site

I keep a document of my favorite quotes that I come across. Since I'm too chicken to get a tattoo of any of them, I decided putting the quotes on this site would be a commitment I could handle … like a very sticky post-it … that I can change the moment I don't like it anymore. (I'd totally get a tattoo if that's how tattoos worked.)

The quotes on this site are meant to be a guiding sentiment to each section they introduce. But I don't consider them to be Gospel, and I certainly don’t think that THE secret to life is to rebrand work as play. That said, it’s a nice reminder from time to time to say to myself, “Hey! This is supposed to be fun!” If it's not enjoyable, I try to get myself to look for ways it could be fun. Over a long enough timeframe, if I’m not satisfied doing something, that's a strong signal I should change things up.

I had fun making this website. It also felt like it almost killed me. There’s certainly a fine line between the desire to see if you can do something and pushing yourself too hard and sapping all the fun out of it. This is one of my greatest struggles as a designer, or perhaps as a human. So … I decided to challenge myself and make the website with React, a technology I had no experience with. Throughout this experience I definitely flirted with hating all the pressure I was putting on myself. But I’m on the other side and … I had fun!