Ty Palmer
Tim Sproul
Peter Metz

Breakside is beloved by beer geeks. They’ve won award after award for their beer but their visual identity was holding them back from a wider market. Our team at Sockeye elevated the Breakside brand experience to match the quality of their brews.

Breakside loves to experiment, and they’re constantly releasing new specialty beers – usually with inconsistent branding. To help their specialty bottles feel like a part of the Breakside family, we created a system of labels that puts their logo front and center. The buyer may not know the beer, but they'll trust the brand.

Some designs I liked were left on the cutting room floor. Big thanks to Ty Palmer for the custom lettering on the left-most Wanderlust label.

Shout-out to the uber-talented Ty Palmer for the blood sweat and tears that went into the designs; the always poetic Tim Sproul for the superb writing and creative direction; and the peerless Peter Metz for the executive creative direction.